About us

About us

Please note that this site in under continuous construction and we are adding song lyrics as time allows. If there is a specific song that you would like to see added, send us a note from the contact page or even better, just add the lyrics from the Submit Lyrics page.


The trend is moving towards adopting the standard german language with english text for publishing songs online or app based. It is another small step towards losing a valuable piece of heritage. 
It is vital that the old German fonts are preserved and they are increasingly hard to find, and thus they are available for download here. All font credits go to the folks who created and maintain these fonts.
If you have german fonts that you would like to share, reach out to us through the contact page.
The biggest challenge using the traditional german fonts for song books or study book for kids, is having to edit the the same characters each time. Now you can just copy and paste the song you need right from here.

Hymn Lyrics

We are often searching for a specific hymn and do not know where it is published. Online sources are very limited. Our goal is to eventually have every Christian & Gospel Hymn listed here in the German language and more specifically in our traditional fonts.
We have now added an upload link where you can contribute recordings of your melodies as well.

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